First 100 businesses: No annual charges. (Free to be in Giveaways)

Businesses joining after the first 100:

3 month free trial, then $25/month or $200 / year to continue. (Giveaways included)

Once we have 100 businesses listed, new businesses can go on our Giveaways only for $50 each


- $50/month to have your logo in our GALLERY. FREE for now until we have 100 businesses listed. 

(only 5 available per category)


You can join us for only the Birthdate Sale, only for the Giveaway or both!

After you join The Birth-Date, take advantage of our Giveaways and build your followers.

Promoting The Birth-DATE Sale:

Once you have registered your business with The Birth-Date Sale below, here are some things that will help us all succeed:

1. In your registration, include the details of your special and your Giveaway prize if you plan to join that as well.  We will leave the details of your special up until you send an update for a new special or new prize. Send changes and updates to [email protected]

2. If you have walk-in traffic and you offer a birth-date sale, make sure to tell your customers about it. 

You can ask them at the counter: 

"What month is your birthday?" 

then explain how the sale works. If it is not their birth-date that month, invite them to return again during their month to save.

3. Be sure to promote The Birth-Date Sale and the Giveaway on social media. If everyone promotes the sale, we all benefit. 


4. This is an affordable, new marketing tool for you. Experiment with different ideas. Change your sales offer on  a regular basis to adjust to the season.  


Thank you.



Tom Scott

co-owner of Pilates Manitoba

Creator of The Birth-Date Sale

P/T: 204 805-3652

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